Job Terms & Conditions

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  1. Please note: The Customer will be referred to You, Your, or the Customer for the rest of this document
  2. Customer is aware that their order contains custom materials and it is not cancellable or returnable.
  3. The Customer is aware that some wall painting or touch-up may be needed after installation. Also, no wall work, such as finish drywall, painting or wallpaper should be done until after the countertop installation is complete.
  4. All base and wall cabinets must be fully installed and properly secured to the wall and/or floor. All cabinets must be level; NuForm cannot level or adjust cabinets.
  5. Any appliance garages, tambour doors and cabinets that sit directly on top of countertops must be installed after the new countertop is installed.
  6. Sinks and cooktops must be onsite on the template date. The range hood or microwave must already be installed if you plan to order wall material.
  7. Faucets should be onsite on or by the insulation date.
  8. Do not schedule other appointments on same day as installation day.
  9. Plumbing service is not included.
  10. Tear-Out / Disposal old countertops is not included, but will be quoted on request.
  11. Customer has been made aware and understands that counter top colors can vary slightly in color and shade due to dye-lot changes from the manufacturer
  12. Within engineered stone (quartz) there may be black specs in any of the production colors due to the nature of quartz crystals and quartz sand.
  13. Customer is aware that solid surface seams may be visible in certain colors that have advanced veining.
  14. Certain solid surface colors that are heavily pigmented and may require additional care and will show scratches, smudges, fingerprints, etc
  15. Any white or off-white laminate when ordered with specific laminate edges (i.e. bevel/crescent) will show what appears to be minor chipping marks where the horizontal laminate meets the vertical laminate. It is not recommended to select these types of edges when using any white or off-white laminates.  NuForm will fabricate these types of white-on-white edges under the condition the customer is aware that minor chipping marks will be present and are not repairable.  Square edge is the only safe edge for white on white laminate.
  16. During measure and installation, NuForm requests that you clear out underneath sinks and clear off countertops.
  17. Customer needs to be present on the date NuForm makes the template (measure). Any questions will be addressed at this time and no changes can be made once a template has been finalized and approved. After the final template is complete, any discrepancies from original quote and actual measurements will be reviewed for credit and/or additional charges.
  18. On the install date, customer must stay out of the working area for liability reasons. This is to ensure that if there was an accident, the customer would not be in harms way.  Customer need not be present on the install date.
  19. A work area must be available for NuForm installers.
  20. Seam placement is governed by the raw material size, access, and strength of material. This will insure the safe delivery, installation, and serviceability of a finished product to the customer. Seam locations are at the fabricator’s discretion.
  21. Overhang support or custom free-standing support (“L” brackets, corbels, etc.) will be provided and installed by the customer, unless arrangements are made in advance.
  22. Customer must be present on the installation date.
  23. This document covers providing a finished counter top order. It does not include any remnants or cutout pieces to be saved or provided to customer.
  24. Our quotes are subject to review at any time. Any deviation or alteration from the quoted specifications involving extra material or labor will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. 
  25. NuForm accepts Cash, Check, & Credit/Debit Cards. You agree to pay a 3% convenience fee should you choose to use a credit/debit card.
  26. The quoted prices, specifications, and conditions are hereby accepted. You authorize us (NuForm) to do the work as specified. You agree to pay half down at time of ordering, and the other half at time of completion. You agree to pay any collection fees, including legal fees associated with non-payment, delinquent accounts, or court orders.
I accept the terms and conditions for this order.